Your organization is not like any other, so we designed a solution that has the flexibility to adapt to and support your unique business processes and workflows.

Bridge property & casualty insurance software can be used in a variety of ways from filling gaps in existing legacy systems to an end-to-end system replacement. And with Bridge, you can make changes to your products, create portals, even build and launch completely new products almost as quickly as you can dream them up.

Many say their core processing solutions are configurable, but when you look under the covers, this doesn’t always hold up and often it’s not until you are already down the implementation path. Bridge insurance management software delivers Smart Configuration.

What does Smart Configuration mean?

It means no programming

Bridge insurance management software can be implemented, managed and updated without any coding, scripting or custom programming. With Bridge, carriers can rely on their own internal IT resources, business users or subject matter experts to configure products and portals, handling as much as they would like to themselves. Using intuitive drop-down menus and self-service tools, carriers can design data capture screens, workflow, validations, and document templates, as well as implement business rules.

It means lower costs

Smart Configuration allows carriers to act independently and not have to rely on vendors for support or any programming assistance. Building on training provided by the vendor, carriers can quickly take over configuring and customizing the system themselves before and after it goes live. With no need to involve or rely on outside vendors to do this work for them, carriers do not need to incur significant professional services fees.

It means freeing up resources

Because there is no programming involved in Smart Configuration, carriers can handle implementation and future changes on their own with minimal outside support. In some cases, carriers will need only 20% to 30% of the IT resources required to implement traditional property & casualty insurance software.

It also means speed

With Smart Configuration, carriers can take advantage of market opportunities when they arise. If a carrier needs to bring a product to market rapidly or adapt it to address a new opportunity, they can do so. A typical implementation with a truly configurable system can be completed in a fraction of the time it can take with other insurance management software systems.