Bridge insurance claims software offers powerful features to improve the speed and efficiency of claims management and settlements, further enhancing customer service and satisfaction levels.

Bridge offers adjusters, surveyors, brokers, the insured, and other third parties, secure and controlled access to policy and claim information online 24/7.

Bridge Claims Management Software Highlights:

  • Flexible Access Security – Oceanwide’s multi-dimensional access security architecture allows administrators to give each user personalized access to the specific data and functionality they need.
  • Collaborative Platform – Automation tools allow authorized users to collaborate easily, in real time, to build and process each insurance claim file. Notes, shipping documents, survey reports and digital photographs can be easily uploaded and made available to all parties. Claimants can also view the up-to-date status of their claims at any time.
  • Automated Correspondence – Generating and sending letters, subrogation notification and other correspondence can be handled effortlessly using Oceanwide’s documentation engine which draws on information from the policy, claim and insured to structure a detailed, formatted document.
  • Comprehensive Audit Trail – All changes to insurance claim data, correspondence and uploaded files, are permanently retained in a detailed, easily searchable log.
  • Powerful Risk Management Reporting Tools – Oceanwide offers a variety of flexible reporting tools to analyze insurance claim data, calculate pro-forma costs with varied deductibles and isolate problem areas. All reports can be generated onscreen, in PDF format or downloaded to Excel.
  • Extensible Database – Oceanwide’s claims management software module can be customized, without any development, to capture and validate an unlimited number of additional data elements for future analysis. This capability provides ultimate flexibility to use the system in any situation.