Bridge gathers a tremendous amount of information through your entire insurance transactional life cycle, providing real-time access to critical data. This insurance reporting helps ensure more accurate and efficient underwriting.

Bridge’s fully integrated Cognos business intelligence functionality provides user-friendly, drag-and-drop insurance reporting on premium, claims, billing and policy transaction data.

Our insurance analysis engine lets you slice and dice your business data to make insightful decisions in real time, helping you drive costs down and profits up.

Bridge Insurance Reporting Includes:

  • Real-time alerts of important events through dashboards and email notification
  • Access to vital metrics for decision making
  • Review of workflow controls and exceptions for system maintenance and audit
  • User customized dashboards displaying KPI data for exception management
  • Ad hoc insurance reporting flexibility and scheduling for up-to-the-minute vital data sharing across the organization, with minimal training or IT requirements
  • User-defined queries and business reports can be prompted to a professional authoring environment for further formatting and distribution
  • Multiple report outputs (Screen, Excel, PDF) can be stored, edited and shared
  • Profit & loss by broker, product, coverage & year
  • Insurance analysis of submission-quote success ratio to help guide underwriting
  • Detailed and searchable audit trail of all changes
  • Automatic filters allowing individual users to utilize reporting features without accessing unauthorized data