Oceanwide has demonstrated insurance technology leadership by pioneering the development of cloud-based solutions for the insurance industry and has deployed these solutions in the marketplace for carriers of all sizes.

Bridge Technology Highlights:

  • Insurance technology is powered by Microsoft .NET and SQL Server
  • Conforms to web standards including CSS 2, JavaScript, AJAX, supporting all popular browsers including Microsoft IE 6, IE 7, IE 8, Firefox 3.6, Google Chrome 4.1
  • Predefined or custom skins for user interface including colors, fonts, images etc.
  • Customizable XML-based persistence using XPath expressions and XSLt
  • Oceanwide rules engine driven by XML-based rules definitions
  • Content publishing process optimizes runtime performance by pre-compiling product definitions into assemblies for faster execution
  • Plug-in architecture uses a dependency injection framework to enable the drop-in replacement of any business logic
  • Out-of-the-box rating & validation workflows can be customized using Microsoft Workflow Foundation to support custom execution algorithms expressed as XAML.