Insurity/Oceanwide Acquisition-the Best of Both Worlds

In May 2015, Insurity, Inc., a provider of core insurance processing and data integration and analysis solutions, announced the acquisition of the insurance software firm Oceanwide, Inc., based in Montreal, Quebec. The considerable talent, experience, and software solution assets of the two organizations is enabling Insurity to offer even greater value to existing customers, strengthen its market position, and expand its ability to address the broad needs of domestic and international carriers, MGAs, and Program Administrators…

Smart Configuration: 3 Benchmarks of an IT- and Business-Friendly Policy Administration System

Many policy administration systems claim to be easily configurable but only Oceanwide’s Smart Configuration gives carriers true agility and ease of use. This eBook will describe the three hallmarks of Smart Configuration; help you to determine if your current system offers maximum configurability; and provide real-world examples of how Smart Configuration has helped carriers

The Policy Administration Transformation Journey

Modernization of core systems is an imperative in today’s competitive environment. While each insurer’s journey will be unique, SMA has identified some critical steps that insurers can take to make the journey smoother, more efficient and take advantage of the benefits of a modernized PAS. Download this whitepaper to understand these critical steps.

Cyber Risk: Technology is Part of the Problem – Can it be Part of the Solution?

This E-Book will discuss the challenges insurance companies face in underwriting cyber insurance policies, along with recommendations on ways they can more accurately assess client businesses and account for their vulnerabilities.

Definitive Guide to SaaS Solutions for the Insurance Industry

The term “the cloud” is often used to describe myriad computing platforms, but there are significant differences between cloud computing, Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). Download this paper to understand the differences between various types of cloud computing.

Seven Imperatives Why the Insurance Industry Must Move to SaaS

If you are currently undertaking a core replacement project, this whitepaper is a must-read. Filled with research and statistics from renowned industry experts, analysts, and thought-leaders, the Seven Imperatives Why the Insurance Industry Must Move to SaaS will give you a rock solid foundation for understanding why SaaS is a technology imperative for specialty lines.

Specialty Insurance: A User’s Guide to Leveraging Market Challenges into Market Success

The specialty insurance market today is a perfect storm — the industry faces excess capital, increased competition and high customer demands as standard lines carriers turn away more high hazard business. Specialty insurers are struggling to find ways to provide ease of doing business to their agents’ and distributors’, whether on proprietary rating or issuing systems of the agents and distributors or on the insurer’s own solution.

Four Game-Changing Market Trends and Opportunities for Specialty Lines Insurers

For specialty insurers that provide lower-premium niche products, getting to market quickly and cost-effectively has always been a challenge. This executive brief highlights four market trends affecting specialty lines insurers, and showcases strategies that can help insurers seize these opportunities to outpace the competition by becoming more flexible, agile and efficient.

Data Visualization: How the Right Access to Data Enables ‘Smarter Decision-Making for Insurers

For today’s insurers, data comes not only from their core policy, billing and claims systems, but also from external sources, such as social media platforms, news streams and weather feeds, to name just a few. With large volumes of data coming from so many disparate sources, insurers face the challenge of finding the right technology to pull the data together and analyze it in meaningful ways. This brief will discuss how data visualization technology can provide insurers the ability to quickly access and manipulate key data when, where and how they need it.

Solving Compliance with Configurability and Insurance Know-How

Regulatory compliance is a critical capability for all insurers, and it is often seen as one of the top strategic priorities for a company. That being said, there are thousands of regulatory updates in any given year. Simply analyzing and understanding what the changes are is a very onerous and costly task and makes it a significant challenge to keep up with the current version of ISO. Download this brief to learn how you Oceanwide can help ease the costs for smaller insurers.