The insurance industry has a long reputation of slow adoption of new technology. We aim to change that. We have a vision for a new way forward.

We believe that there is no reason for the insurance software customer experience, from buying, to implementing, to usage, to be as complex as it is today. Oceanwide is committed to simplifying insurance software. We believe the old ways of doing business no longer work. We have a new vision that gets old technology and limitations out of your way so you can focus on running your business. We promise to deliver an insurance platform that empowers you.

Take Control with Smart Configuration

With an insurance platform that can be implemented, managed and updated without any coding, scripting or customer programming, you can take control of your own product configuration, portals and more. You can build everything you need with your own IT staff, business users, or a combination of both. No programing means your teams can build and design new products, maintain products, and make changes quicker and easier than any other application – without a dependence on a software vendor or IT backlogs.

Realize Efficiencies

Today, the name of the game is efficiency and everyone needs to do more with less. True end user configurability reduces ongoing professional service fees by as much as 75%. It also allows for a single insurance platform to be easily reconfigured to support different users, products and customer segments – saving valuable time and reducing costs. A SaaS delivery model means side-stepping steep hardware investments.

Gain Speed & Agility

Bridge, Oceanwide’s insurance software, offers a combination of Smart Configuration with a SaaS delivery model, which means you can be up and running within weeks with a new product and that you have the flexibility to make product changes when needed.